Thursday, February 3, 2011

I *heart* Sir Ken Robinson

I was introduced first to Sir Ken Robinson with his TED Talk "Do Schools Killing Creativity?"

The line that I frequently refer to in this talk is about William Shakespeare.  It speaks to me and helped change my assessment practices.  1.9 million views can't be wrong, although I am likely about 70 of them!

Next was his Book "The Element: How finding your passion changes everything"  I will be honest, I didn't read it but listened to it on a trip to and from Banff.  Sir Ken narrates the book and has a delightful English accent!  I consider myself very lucky, I think most educators do, in that I have found my passion in teaching and learning.  For myself leveraging technology for teaching and learning has added that extra layer for me and has truly changed everything.

Finally was Changing Educational Paradigms

This was the why piece for changes to education, and if you have been in any of my sessions lately you have probably seen it. 

I am very fortunate to be going to Red Deer next week to listen to Sir Ken speak in person.
Stay tuned for a follow-up after this event!

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