Sunday, February 27, 2011

A+ for Energy (Grant Money)

Jen and Sandi, Aug 2009
Probably the second most asked question I get (the first is where did you learn all this tech stuff) is how did you get all of this technology for your classroom.  The short answer is that I apply for anything and everything, and this program has been especially generous for Hythe Regional School.

For 3 years now HRS has been awarded $10 000 each year as part of the BP Energy Education Program, A+ for Energy program for sucessful energy projects.  You can see the winning project applications here.  Projects included junior high Science, Social Studies and Language Arts.

Each project allowed students to have an interesting and engaging learning experience and allowed the school to buy some technology to complete the project.  In year 1 SMARTboards, year 2 laptops and in year 3 more laptops, audio and video recorders.

Jen May 2010

This years deadline is April 6, 2011with the application submitted completely online.  Think up some crazy and creative energy projects and let myself, Sandi or Debbie know if we can help you out.

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