Tuesday, February 22, 2011

4 ways to create a fake Facebook page

Creating a fake Facebook page for a story character or historical character is an excellent way for students to demonstrate deep understanding.  They have to be able to articulate the connections and relationships this person has, what they would say, who would they say it to, what images would they share or not share.  It becomes an immense critical thinking activity.

There are a number of different ways to do this!

1) A Word Template: I created this last year when I wanted a simple way to create a Facebook page for feudal Japan. I hosted the template in Moodle and students opened it from there to work on.

2) My Fake Wall: This website allow you to create a page that will be saved with a unique URL.  It does require students to create a login with an email address.

3) Google Doc Template: This Presentation template has 4 slides.  Wall, Info, Photos and Video that you can change with your own information.

4) SMART Notebook Template: Another template, this time in Notebook.  I like this one because a lot of the items are locked, so they cannot be moved or deleted.  Also check out the attachments, there is a handy little word document to guide the assignment.

How can you see using this in your classroom?


  1. I am thinking of using this in grade 8 science - students will create a profile for an inventor. They will have to include information that describes the characteristics of a good inventor as well as information about inventions with pictures. Not sure which template I will use though.

  2. If I had time this year I would probably use it for some of the Father's of Confederation. I will likely take a look at it as part of the project that we do on the different personalities with New France [explorers and settlers] and incorporate it into the critical challenge about who was the most influential colonist during this time period.

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  4. I decided to use this for Gr. 7 Social Studies. They profiled explorers of their choice and then we were able to compare French and British explorers. Students input for creating a rubric helped tremendously! They were able to tell me where they were putting most of their efforts and the rubric was able to reflect that. This process greatly sped up the final marking of them all.