Monday, August 30, 2010

Cultivating a Digital Classroom (Part 1 of 3)

Cultivating a Digital Classroom is the topic that Debbie Harris and myself will be facilitating at the 3 professional development district days.

Debbie modelling how to use Prezi and talking about different ways to communicate with parents and students.
The group that I had was lovely.  We quickly watched a few videos, made avatars and got ourselves set up in Moodle.


For the afternoon, I introduced my top 10 tech tools and the remainder of the day was spent creating something to be used during the first week of school.  While wallwisher failed a few times on us, Prezi and Photopeach were heard around the room.
We left with a commitment to share in October something we did in our classrooms that we learned today.  We also decided in October we want to explore social media and opportunities to connect outside our classroom using Facebook, Twitter and Blogs.

And then left on a happy note....

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