Monday, August 30, 2010

Smartboard Tips from SRRA

Spent a lovely Friday afternoon at Spirit River Regional Academy where we divided the day learning about Moodle and Smartboards.

Top 5 Tips for Using your SMARTboard

  1. Gallery Interactives - make any lesson interactive, QUICKLY & EASILY, with the lesson activity toolkit. My favourites: vortex, category sort, multiple choice

2. Print to Notebook - turn any file into a notebook file. Just open your Word, PowerPoint or PDF and select Print --> SmartNotebook Capture.

3. Borrow ready to use Notebook Files - there are lots of resources out there, find something to start from and modify it to

4. Link to website or files (make your lesson clickable, no searching!)

5. Install Notebook at home!  You will need to use your PWSD user name and password.

You can find a printable version of these 5 tips here.

While exploring the SMART Exchange we found a morning calender that everyone liked and wanted to use. 

I have modified it to have Canadian icons and it is available for download here.

Thanks for a wonderful day!  Can't wait to come back!

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