Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Teacher Ed Tech Orientation

I had the privilege to spend an hour and a half with new (or at least new to PWSD's September) teachers to our district.  The time went by way too fast and these lovely ladies and gentlemen are going to keep me on my toes this year.

We did a basic overview of PWSD's systems using this short Prezi.

Some of the WOW, I need to remember this items included:
  • Sharepoint : once you are logged in at home you have access to your My Documents!  No more emailing back and forth or putting things on memory sticks.
  • Resources : if you need some one stop shopping for resources remember that Collaboration has resources for subject & div level as well as Education Technology resources.  You also have access to all my public bookmarks, just use the navigation on the right side to narrow down what you are looking for.
  • E-Community : with over 700 courses created there is lots here to borrow! Browse through other courses and if something jumps out as useful to you, drop me an email and we can move that over to your course page. We did get a chance to work a bit in ecommunity, where almost everyone added a title, link to a website and embedded a video. There are lots of Moodle how-tos here.
Darcy come in from IT to answer all the tough questions
  • Internet filters : yes we have then, they are a site based decision so talk to your administrator
  • Server space: teachers have a soft 5 GB limit
  • Network access forms : need to be submitted before you can do anything on a PWSD system!
So fast and furious but hopefully a little bit fun!

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