Monday, August 23, 2010

Ideas for a new year

Looking for a quick video to start a staff discussion or get the creative juices flowing.  Consider using one of following...

Social Media Revolution
What does this mean for our classrooms?  How can we harness and work with social media to make curriculum more engaging?  If you are interested in using social media this year and would like some help, please drop me an email.

21st Century Education in New Brunswick
Looks like New Brunswick is doing some fabulous work, but so are we at Peace Wapiti.  Let's lift the roof off of our schools and start recording and publishing the wonderful work that goes on everyday.  Interested and need some help, drop me an email.

Top 10 Video's for 21st Century Schools (Introducing the Book is my favourite!)

Seven Videos all Educators should Watch (Watch "What Teacher's Make!)

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