Thursday, September 2, 2010

About Me ~ Wordle

I borrowed this lesson from here and brought it to a Grade 4 classroom at Harry Balfour School. A digital twist on an old favourite getting to know you activity.

Students typed our their name, birth date, family members names, hobby or sport, favourite food and two words to describe themselves.  We then practiced copying and pasting until we had 8 copies or our name, 4 copies of our birth date etc. 

Next we saved.  Make sure students know where they can save safely, my documents or P:/ drive, and where they cannot.  Next go to the Wordle website to paste all of your information in. 

In an hour we did not quite get to printing or print screening to save for later.  I think we easily could have if it had not been the first day in the lab, but we had to do the new user name battle and password reset!  Instead we have the word document saved and we will practice copying and pasting during the next class.

How did the lesson go?
+ students were engaged, they loved typing about themselves and loved creating the wordle
+ lots of ICT outcomes met during this lesson and reinforced some basic computer skills
- with so many ways to copy and paste, what is the easiest way?

Here is my handout, feel free to alter as needed!

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