Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Listening to Reading

Bonanza is always an awesome school to visit.  In the morning we had a great discussion about using social media in the classroom and Mrs. Evans set up her Grade 1/2 Moodle Page.  The afternoon was an AISI Literacy Meeting that I sat in on.
One of the areas of focus, as I understand it, is listening to reading.  As we were sitting disussing how the year was going, the comment was that it was difficult to find audio books.  This is where I have ideas!
Listening to Reading!
1) Free Websites to download audiobooks
***Once download you could burn them to CD or load them on an iPod for listening
2) Create your own audiobooks

  • Download Audacity, from home just follow the link to install but at school you can either submit a helpdesk request (as this is support software) or install it yourself from Control Panel and Run Advertized Programs
  • Buy a mic or headset

  • Find some cool sound effects from Sound Jay or Sound Bible or Freesound
  • Lots of great tutorials on YouTube or PWSD's Podcasting course
Have fun and let me know if you are willing to share!

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