Tuesday, September 7, 2010

4 must have PWSD websites!

Home computer set up via
djtyrant's photostream

As students log onto school computers day after day, they hit the same homepage with the same links and favourites.  They know how to navigate where to get course work and email not by address but by clicking.  But what happens when they get home?  What website addresses do they need to know?

I spent today at Harry Balfour helping their grade 7 and 8 students figure out how to access PWSD systems from home.  While we wrote the following in their agendas, you may consider sending home a newsletter or email.

1) Ecommunity http://ecommunity.pwsd76.ab.ca/

2) Webmail https://webmail.pwsd76.ab.ca

3) My Documents at home https://sharepoint.pwsd76.ab.ca/mydocs

4) Learn Alberta http://www.learnalberta.ca/ (we added the username and password)

What websites am I missing?

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