Thursday, June 24, 2010

VC Opportunity for Social 3 & 11

The folks in Grande Yellowhead have been working with a Rabbi in Israel to develop a couple of videoconference series which target the outcomes in the Grade 3 and Grade 11 Social Studies curriculum. The attached outlines are the result of collaborations between focus groups of teachers in Grande Yellowhead and the folks in Israel to produce a series of custom built sessions aimed at our Alberta curriculum.

Due to the time difference between Alberta and Israel, these sessions will need to be delivered in the morning. Each session ranges from 45 min. to an hour. It is strongly recommended that schools interested in these series book the entire series and not pick individual programs from the series.

Each, one hour, program costs $150 US except for the sessions which go on location to a kibbutz or a Bedouin camp - these sessions cost $200 US.

Grade 3 Outline
Grade 11 Outline

Gordon Booth

Videoconference Coordinator
Grande Yellowhead Public School Division

If you are a PWSD teacher, please contact as I would be happy to come out and be technical support on the VC days.

Tel Aviv, Israel courtsey of RonAlmog's Photostream

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