Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer's short to-do list

1) Back Up & Prune your data
With a very soft 2 GB limit, now is the time to delete files you no longer need. Once you have pruned, now is a good time to back up your data. There are a number of different options. USB jump drive or hard drive which come in a variety of sizes. Microsoft's skydrive will give you 25 GB of space that you can access from anywhere. Google docs will give you 1 GB of space, also availible anywhere there is Internet. Finally there is dropbox which starts at 2 GB of space and has a nifty iPod/iPhone app.

2) Change your passwords
With passwords set to expire every 30-60 days, change your password now to ensure you won't be stuck over the summer holidays. Once you have logged onto your maching, hit ctrl-alt-del and select change password.

Blue Sky on the Rails courtesy of ecstaticist's photostream

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