Monday, June 21, 2010

Big Huge Labs & Vocabulary

Jen Clevette, Hythe Regional School

I love Big Huge Labs for a number of reasons
  • Super simple for students to use
  • No sign up
  • With Moodle (and a roles override on a Lightbox Gallery) it is a cinch to have students share what they have created.
  • They have lots of cool stuff, such as movie poster, trading card, and mosaic maker.
The one I used the most this year in my Social Studies classroom was the motivational poster. Student were asked to make posters of keywords that we used in our classroom. For each poster they had to include an image that best represented the word, the word and a definition in their own words.

The reason I like this one so much was that I got a good quick check for understanding, a great reference for students for the remainder of the year and a fancy bulletin board for me.

The only thing missing is a spellchecker!

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