Sunday, June 27, 2010

Passport to the Internet

Passport to the Internet is a resource developed by The Media Awareness Network & licenced by Alberta Education for use in Alberta schools for free until August 2011. 

The Passport to the Internet is an online interactive tutorial intended for students grade 4-8.  Topics include Online Safety, authenticating online information, protecting privacy, online bullying & managing online relationships.

If you are PWSD teacher you can find links to this resource in our Media Awareness Course. You and your students will need to use your PWSD username & password to login.  Terms of licensing require that these links stay behind a password protected login.

If you are not a PWSD teacher, you need to contact the Learning Resource Center (LRC) to get copies of the links for your use.

Thanks so much to Evelyn Malina at Harry Balfour School for pointing our this resource.

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