Monday, March 7, 2011

Mystery Podcasts

Adding music.
Quick share of a great lesson done at Teepee Creek school with a Grade 5/6 class.   Since Audacity is supported software in our district, I had it pushed to the lab in preparation for this lesson.  Here is what we did:

1)  Podcasting Moodle Page - had all students start here, that way they have a list of resources, how tos and audio files, to refer back to.  As well I have linked the Audacity download if students wanted to use this at home.

2) Quick Demo - I did a quick demo of recording, saving and importing audio from a website, deleting and moving audio clips around. 
Reading from a script,

Reading from typed script
3) The assignment - you are doing a report from a crime scene.  Make sure to introduce yourself, add some music and describe the scene in detail.

Then we set them loose.  Look at some of their  creations!

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  1. Hi Jen: I am so impressed that I am blogging!!! Thanks for your patience and great assistance. This may be the only blog comment I ever make but it feels good!!!! Enjoy the rest of your day