Saturday, January 1, 2011

Project 365/2011: Who is with me?

This time last year I jumped into a 365 photo project.  My New Year's resolution was to find a better work-life balance and this was one of things that I was going to do for me.  However, it turned into so much more. 

If you don't want to go through the 300+ pictures here are a few highlights

365/2010 on PhotoPeach

The Work Photo Collage!

Why do it?

I loved this project because it was a simple way for my family and friends to keep up with what was going on way up north and wonderful way for me to record what we did. It was awesome for July, when we were in Europe, to allow family to see what we were doing. I used Awesome Note on my iPhone to write a diary entry and then emailed it to my 365 blog whenever I found a free wireless connection. It is 20 days of wonderful details about our trip.

I also took some liberty and included video for some of my daily images.  I use this one all the time during presentations on Internet Safety and watch this when I need to have a laugh

It was also a great reminder of all the wonderful things that I did professionally this year.  Organizing and delivering professional development, attending conferences like Digital citizenship symposium, ATA summer conference, ATLE and TEDxEdmonton.  Small glimpses inside my classroom, presentations and the crazy amount of travel that I did the past year.  Gives me some perspective looking back on all that has been accomplished. 


This year I used Posterous because, like their motto says, it's dead simple.  I set up my site and then emailed my photo to the address.  Simple.  It worked perfectly because I could do it from my computer or my phone and after the initial set up, I rarely visited to make site changes. 

This year I am considering moving to Flickr  to join the 365/2011 group  so that I can have a little more motivation to keep up with the picture a day.

New Goals
  1. Higher resolution photos, which means more with my camera and less with my phone
  2. Figure out my camera settings
  3. Use some of the ideas from the Daily Shoot
  4. Find some work-life balance
  5. Have some friends and colleagues join me!
So, who is with me?

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