Sunday, January 16, 2011

Collaborative Learning Tools

In a meeting last week with Alberta Education Edna Dach shared with us a list of collaboration tools.  You can find the entire document here, but I wanted to highlight a few that I have used and love. 

Each example has one for you to play with, so click through and add your ideas!

Titan Pad or Type With Me or Meeting Words

Try it out here
What it does: No sign up for teachers or students.  Once you create the free document you get a unique web address that can be posted in Moodle or on your website.  Students pick a colour and start typing.  You can use the time slider in the top right to see the entire process.

How could you use it: I have used this to have students create and revise powerful questions around a topic.  Great for real time brain storming or writing collaboratively.


What it does: Teachers must create and account but students can post without a login.  You can either embed, like above, or link to your Linoit.  Stickies include adding documents, images, videos, text and a selection of icons.

How could you use it: This is a great way to gather and show learning.  Here are some wonderful grade 1/2 examples shared by Aviva on sharing science learning, saying good bye and reading buddies.

Google Doc

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What it does: Teacher will need a google account, create a new document and then change the sharing settings to public and open to edits.  Then you have a URL (web address) to share for the document.

How could you use it: I use this all the time for sign ups when I do school visits, to brains storm ideas and as a place to house information that is not tied to a computer and therefore accessible to me and students anywhere!


What it does: Teachers will need to create an account, but students do not.  It embeds, which is great for blogs and Moodle.  Add a sticky note with words, an image and link. Please note while I love this site there have been issues recently with stability and availability!

How could you use it: I have used it to gather current events, collect images and websites on a topic, brainstorm for PD sessions and much more.  Take a look at Interesting Ways to Use Wallwisher in the Classroom for more great ideas!


This one is new to me, but comes highly recommended.  It looks like you have a 30 day unlimited trial and then there will be a cost.

Add your votes and your stickies here
What it does: Teachers will need to create an account and each new storm has a URL (web address) or you can send email invites.  Text stickies are added and can be group together.  You can also vote using the green dots.

How could you use it: I know with a little more exploration there is lots more you can do with this, I am only playing with the most basic features.  Looks like a great way to brainstorm and gather ideas by themes and determine the most important.  Great for critical thinking. 

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