Sunday, May 1, 2011

What's happening? May 2-6

Another whirlwind week ahead!

Monday - Wembley Elementary School to model some lessons.  Tomorrow we will be introducing one grade 4 class to cartooning, another grade 4 class will be finishing off some SMART training and I will be working with a Grade 1 class on writing from picture prompts.

Tuesday - Wembley Elementary School to model a lesson on Buoyancy.  The afternoon will be spent with GPPSD to work on the PD sessions for our Tri-District PD days next year.  See the sessions we are planning and put your name in to facilitate one of them!

Wednesday - working with Rowena, AISI Literacy coordinator, to finish editing the last (I think:) in our video series.  Check out the PWSD YouTube channel to see what has been posted so far. 

Thursday - Alberta Education's Jurisdictional Technology Contacts meeting in Calgary.  Watch my tweets for updates, there will be some interesting sessions on mobile and cloud computing that I am planning to attend.

Friday - Off...I am only working 0.85 this year!

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