Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Writing Prompts: 5 Card Flickr

I got this wonderful idea from this presentation, which is part of the Interesting Ways series.

Here is an example of a 5 Card Flickr Story. 

How To

(1) Go to 5 Card Flickr website and start choosing the images that you will write from.  Each time you pick an image the page will refresh with different images.

(2) When you have 5 images selected you will get a dialogue box to type in the title of your story, your name and the story.

(3) Once you have submitted, and your story is now published on the web, you are given the URL of the story.

(4) We then had students add their URL to a forum in Moodle so that they could visit each others stories and add comments!

Comments and Concerns
  • Make sure students use their first name only for publishing
  • Students were initially concerned about online publishing but ended up loving that other people could read their stories
  • Writing for a "real" audience changes how you write, right?
  • Have fun!

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