Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12 days of Educational Technology

On the twelfth day of Christmas my Ed Tech shared with me

Twelve must have items,
Eleven parts of Google,
Ten Video Options,
Nine Ways to Wiki,
Eight Keys to twitter,
Seven Presentation Tools
Six Cartoon Generators
Five Avatar Creators
Four Word Clouds
Three Blogging Tools
Two Sticky Walls
One Creative Commons Search

Please check out the full course http://ecommunity.pwsd76.ab.ca/course/view.php?id=947 (there is a moodle zip if you wish to deploy it in your own moodle)


  1. Hi Jen, I was looking forward to learning about some of these features; primarily the creative commons since I don't really understand it's purpose, but there's no support materials for each. Do I need to "enroll" to find descriptions and explanations?

    Other than that I do love the idea.

  2. Sorry Scott, this year it was just a mind dump. The project more time than I thought...next year I will an add another section of what to do. Here are some of my references for Creative Commons http://www.delicious.com/jenclevette/creativecommons