Sunday, October 31, 2010

PWSD Twits

Anyone who has talked to me lately has probably heard my story about how Twitter is my #1, go to source for all things education

On Friday's district PD day the first thing the "Cultivating a Digital Classroom" session did was sign up for Twitter.  Now twitter misbehaved a little and didn't get us all in as quickly as we wanted, but most of us tweeted and followed and got our feet wet.

PWSD Twits
Right now I have 38 educators on my PWSD list. (Please let me know if I am missing you)  Click on this link to see who in PWSD tweets and start following along with some of your colleagues.

Hashtag #pwsd
When you tweet about something to do with PWSD, make sure to add #pwsd.  It will make it easy to search for tweets about PWSD and for those that are using Tweetdeck it will fall nicely into a column.

So what is going on in your classroom?  Do you have something to share?  A question that you want answered?  Hope to see you twittering soon!

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