Thursday, September 9, 2010

#daily5 Conversation

I have mentioned before that Twitter is my go to source for resources, PD and connecting with other educators.  So, when a group of teachers, including Harry Balfour's April Brown, were trying to organize a chat on the Daily 5, I offered up my virtual Elluminate office and volunteered to moderate the conversion.  (This was purely for selfish reasons, I need to know more about the Daily 5 and I need more practice at moderation.)

It was an amazing hour that just flew by.  This group of teachers from around North America shared resources, experiences and offered tips and tricks on what worked and what did not.  In the room we had educators that were just about to start the school year and never used Daily 5 before to experienced teachers who had been back to school for weeks.

Take a listen to the conversation and the links shared during the session

The PowerPoint that was shared was from The 2 Sisters website but you need to sign up, for free, to get a copy of it!

Interested in joining the #daily5 conversation?
1) Sign up for Twitter
2) Download Tweetdeck and watch this tutorial
3) Add #daily5 as one of your columns

The conversation continues daily on twitter and the date for the next virtual conversation will be discussed there.  Thanks to all the lovely teachers in the room, I learned a lot and have some great new teachers to follow!

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