Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Teacher Orientation

Information and Education Technology

PWSD Systems
1.        Helpdesk
Open a ticket for tech support.

2.       Webmail
Best way to access your email remotely.  Use to help set up your PWSD email on your phone.

3.       Sharepoint
PWSD’s document management system.

4.      E-Community
Student Moodle site: this is where you can house all your course information for students to access digitally.  Open a helpdesk ticket to get your course(s) created.  (Lurk and borrow ideas from course that are already posted!)

5.       Collaboration
Teacher Moodle site: this collaborative site houses AISI and PLC projects.  Visit to find and contribute lesson ideas and resources.

6.      PowerSchool
Access teacher PowerSchool.

Software for home use
1.        Microsoft Office Home Use Agreement
2.       Virus Software & SMART Notebook

Resources for Lessons
1.        Video Streaming: PWSD has licences for 3 different sites.  They allow you to download the videos legally to use them in class.  You will need to go to each site and create a username. Get your passcode from your school.

Access Learning

Discovery Education

Learn 360

Link to the presentation on streaming with how to’s and pros and cons of each site.

2.       Smartboard Lessons
There are lots of places on the internet to find Notebook lessons but this is one of the best!

3.       Learn Alberta
Curriculum specific resources (videos, lesson plans, interactives and entire online courses) Once you have logged in, using the information below, create your own teacher login (you will need your teaching certificate number) which will allow you access to teacher only resources.

4.      2Learn
Another great Alberta curriculum specific resource, check out…copyright friendly image search, Enjoy pages for theme resources, parent page, digital citizenship information and more!

Professional Development
1.        NRLC
Local PD sessions, online and F2F

2.       Read Blogs

3.       Join Communities

4.      Participate in Twitter
#pwsd for all things PWSD
#edchat Tuesdays at 10am and 5pm for organized chat
#sschat, #daily5, #mathchat, almost every subject and grade to connect with other educators!

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