Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Google Workshop for Educators

This was an awesome workshop!  We went through so many different google tools and their possible applications in the classroom that it was mind blowing.  You can find the entire workshop and resources here as well as my Google bookmarks.

Here are the top 5 that I want to share:

1) Google Advanced Search - you will never look at searching the same way again.  The tiny button at the end of the google search window "Advanced Search" gives you all of these options!

I love and will frequently use
  • Unwanted words - want the Taj Mahal but not in Vegas?
  • File Type - only want PowerPoint, only get them!
  • Usage rights - make sure you can get images or files you can legally use

2) Google Squared - a great way to organize information.  You can add and delelte information from your square as well as export it to a spreadsheet to work on yourself.

3) Adding and annotating a Drawing - I always thought adding arrows and text to a image in a Google Presentation or Document was a pain.  This makes it super simple. 
  • Insert -- Drawing
  • Add Image -- by URL, so it must be somewhere online
  • Add Text, arrows etc and then save and close to insert into your Google Doc

4) Language - again right at the end of the google search box is language tools.  An excellent way to translate anything!
  • A search
  • Type in Text
  • Translate a Webpage (Check out this page in Russian)
  • Change your default language
5) Google Labs -  this is a sandbox for all the things that Google is working on.  Some may disappear or they may become a part of the regular Google toolbox.  Check out:

Honourable Mentions


  1. Gosh, there is so much Google going on it's hard to keep up!

    I have loved using 'Let me Google that for you' it's hilarious.

    I think the search story would be a blast for kids- that's too cool. If you were reading a novel or something it might be a nifty idea for profiling characters. Thinking inside the character- if you will!

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I remember covering all of this in March - there is just so much to Google it is mind-numbing!! Would love to be able to explore more of the labs - we just got around to going there and having our facilitator talk about how it works ( they are all works in progress and may or may not be there next time you look for them, unless they become permanent.) Sounds like it was a good time! Can't wait for them in the Fall!!