Monday, November 29, 2010

Digital Storytelling: A Day

For a recent school assignment I had to create a digital story.  Being some what creatively challenged I told the story of a day in the life of my job as Educational Technology Coordinator for Peace Wapiti School District.  Wanting a bit of a challenged I set out to create the story completely on my iPhone.  Here are 3 different versions.

This first story was created using a free application called StoryKit. You can find the story here.  What I liked about this application is that I could use capture multiple voices for my story.  I could also crop the images right on my phone.

The second story was created using StoryRobe, another free app.  What I liked about this is how it rendered as a YouTube video.

The final story was created using PhotoPeach which is a free web application.  It is crazy simple to use.

PWSD Educational Technology on PhotoPeach

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